trauma informed - accessible - yoga for all

trauma informed - accessible - yoga for all

trauma informed - accessible - yoga for all trauma informed - accessible - yoga for all trauma informed - accessible - yoga for all

 Jess Hogan is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor in Kansas City Missouri. 

Jess reluctantly tried yoga in the fall of 2014 as a way to address her growing anxiety and depression. In spite of her apprehension she quickly remembered how at home she felt when her body was active- something she had abandoned after high school 7 years earlier. Physical activity linked with the mental and emotional self study that yoga encourages helped to rebuild comfort in her own skin and boosted her overall self esteem. 

The positive changes that came with adopting a yoga practice were so impactful that she decided to participate in the 1st Karma Tribe Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. She wanted to expand her knowledge of yoga beyond what she had learned through community asana (physical postures) and meditation.  Her training spanned 9 months which allowed her to apply what she was learning to everyday life. Greater understanding of anatomy, yoga philosophy and history, and spiritual growth were gained during her training. Jess is still working on the practical application of all three in her daily life and continues to approach this journey through the eyes of a student.

During the training Jess learned that she is especially interested in encouraging yoga for everyone regardless of age, size, shape, color, gender, ability, or economic status.  In June of 2019 Jess earned a certification to teach Accessible Yoga when she participated in the Accessible Yoga Teacher Training and Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. In addition to learning how to teach to mixed level classes the training addressed widespread problems within westernized yoga like cultural appropriation, racism/white supremacy, accessibility, and consent. These conversations have become a large focus for Jess and she is currently diving deeper into adopting ways of decolonizing her personal practice. She hopes to encourage others to do this self work so we can all begin to dismantle systems of oppression, on and off the mat. 

Expect a non judgmental approach that focuses on cultivating body awareness with emphasis on harnessing one's breath to achieve a connection to the present moment. Jess teaches to all levels and will meet you exactly where you are in your yoga journey. She frequently utilizes yoga equipment (blocks, bolsters, straps, and blankets) and provides plenty of variations in order to encourage each student to listen their body and make empowered choices.