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Yoga + Zines

What is a zine (pronounced "zeen")? Zines are independently made print publications. They are often xeroxed, folded, and stapled booklets that are made, assembled, and distributed by their creators. Zines are a way to share your art, writing, poetry, thoughts, passions, etc. with the world without the mainstream barriers of editors, publishers, high printing costs, etc.

So, what do yoga and zines have in common? Both are empowering, accessible, meditative, forms of self study, a practice in connecting to one's creativity and intuition (body+mind+spirit), and fun!

Jess is a  zine maker and organizer within the Kansas City zine community. In 2015 she helped found KC Zine Con, an annual day long zine festival where folks from KC and beyond gather to showcase and sell their DIY published works. She is also the owner an operator of Neither/nor Zine Distro, a small business that curates zine selections for 5 brick and mortar stores in Missouri. Visit for more info and sign up for the newsletter at the bottom on the homepage. 

Jess offers a Yoga + Zine workshop that explores the ways in which yoga and zines overlap philosophically and in practice/action. Learn the benefits of both and how to incorporate the two! New to zines and/or yoga? No problem! Jess will guide you through a series of beginner friendly exercises that will create space for shedding limiting beliefs around perfectionism. Expect a mixture of gentle asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breathwork), drawing meditation, journaling, and zine making with a general theme of surrendering to the process and cultivating self trust. Create, copy, and assemble their own zine and we will share what we created and trade with one another!

This workshop can be customized to fit a theme of your choosing and it suitable for all ages!

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